As one of the nation’s most skilled neurotology and otology specialists it’s Dr. Backous’s ongoing dedication to his specialty that truly sets him apart. The best patient care grows alongside available medical technology and knowledge. To operate at the forefront of these changes requires never-ending learning and improvement, an investment Dr. Backous makes every day so he can continually provide his patients with the best care in the country.

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Surgical and non-surgical treatment of difficult or recurrent middle ear conditions including reconstruction, hearing loss, balance, and infection.


Surgical and non-surgical treatment of neurological-related inner ear disorders including skull base tumors, implantable hearing devices and balance disorders.

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What is a Neurotologist?

As a board-certified Neurotologist, Dr. Backous specializes in complex ear and skull base conditions, providing leading-edge treatments that may include surgery for patients with hearing loss, deafness, chronic ear infection, cholesteatoma, acoustic neuromas and facial nerve disorders.